Learn The Revolutionary Journey Of Louis Vuitton Brand!

Throughout its history, the house of French fashion has stood out by an adventurous instinct that has allowed it to transcend the frontiers of the art, the geography and even the politics.

For some people, the idea of being the first to explore territories is something that is programmed into their genes. And although some of them, like Jules Verne, never set foot on the moon or traveled to the bottom of the sea, they made sure to guide others to follow the path that was impossible for many. They are beings of pioneering spirit, who seek to create innovative methods in industries such as beauty and fashion. In many cases, it is precisely this impulse that has motivated the creation of projects, which have become great empires over time and, to this day, preserve their essence.

One such case is that of Louis Vuitton, a fashion house bearing the same name as its founder. Louis produced his first trunk with a smooth top in the middle of the nineteenth century without imagining that he was taking the first step in creating a path that would have elegance and technological innovation as two inseparable elements. It is precisely this willingness to undertake new routes that has maintained its prestige in the creation of fashion accessories.

The personal history of Vuitton is one of determination; at age 13, he left Anchay, a town near the border with Switzerland to reach Paris. Arriving in the French capital, he began as an apprentice to Romain Maréchal.

The competition tried to take advantage of this enthusiasm for the art of the suitcases, bringing to the market lines of luggage similar to those of Luis Vuitton, which gave rise to the famous monogram, the stylized motif of flowers of Japanese inspiration that wraps the initials of the brand, invented by Georges Vuitton, son of the founder, to distinguish his models from the imitations that began to multiply. The creator of the company, Louis Vuitton, died in the year 1892.

In 1978, Louis Vuitton products entered Japan and, in less than thirty years later, this key luxury market, which accounts for 70% of worldwide sales, represents more than €1 billion in sales.

The archipelago is its first market and the passion for its products is such that it is considered a true ‘cult brand’. In the United States, its second market, the brand owns 85 stores and its local sales have progressed to a great extent.

Present in 52 countries, Louis Vuitton also progresses in its development. More than a century after the death of its creator, it remains as valid as before, and it has acquired a great worldwide prestige, as well as a great number of imitations and falsifications that travel through the world, but that can never replace its style and, above all, its quality of material, which will always distinguish it from any attempt to copy. To see the original Louis Vuitton wallets, simply visit luxtime.su/wallet/louis-vuitton-wallet.